AVK International A/S - Balkan

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Gate valves & service connection valves


Check valves


Butterfly valves

Gate valves for water and wastewater
41 Swing check valves

756 Butterfly valves
Gate valves for gas
41 Swing check valves DN 350-600

820 Butterfly valves
Gate valves and extension spindles
41 Swing check - lever/spring

01/70 Supa Plus valves
41 Swing check - lever/weight

Push-in Service connection valves
41 Swing check - lever, weight & guard

12/50 Repair valves
41 Swing check - spare kit

20/90 Microswitch
53 Ball check valves - get the ball out

715 Coils and illuminating seal
53 Ball check valves - mounting

18/00 Combi-cross DN 400


Knife gate valves, penstocks and Y-strainers

Air valves

Extension spindles

702 Knife gate valves
701/10 Automatic air valve

Extension spindles for gate valves - fixed
772 Penstock wall
701/40 Combination air valve

Extension spindles for gate valves - telescopic
772 Penstock channel
701/50 Combination air valve

Extension spindles for service valves - fixed
910 Y-strainer
701/70 Combination air valve

Extension spindles for service valves - telescopic
Water valve control unit for series 702/73
  701/75 Combination air valve
  Extension spindles for ball valves
Control box and battery back-up for series 702/73
  701/79 Underground air valve system
Programme interface for control boxes for series 702
  701/84 Underground air valve
    701/95-96 Combination air valve

Tapping saddles & repair clamps

Couplings & adaptors

Hydrants and products for fire protection

10/00 Tapping saddles

Supa Maxi standard
09 Fire hydrant, type A+B
727/08 Tapping saddles w/int. cutter, SWIC-ST

Supa Maxi - nuts tightened on sleeve side
27/00 Fire hydrant
727/10 Tapping saddles, type UP, PVC/PE

Supa Maxi Gas
29 Underground fire hydrants
727/X9 Tapping saddles w/int. cutter, SWIC-PE/PVC

Supa Maxi Non tensile
29/78 Free flow underground hydrant
729 FS10 Repair clamps

Supa Maxi replacement of bracket section
34 Post Indicator 
729 FS20 Repair clamps

05 DI Combi-flange
35/31-36 Underground hydrant, model K7
Repair clamps - Handling and storage

05 DI Combi-flange DN 250-300
35/81-85 Underground hydrant, model L7

05 PE/PVC Combi-flange
45/55 Gate valves for water and fire protection

05 Support bush
84/05-16 Above ground hydrants, standard

258+259 AVK fabricated couplings
84/25-27 Above ground hydrants, drop down pillar

260 AVK fabricated flange adaptor
84/45-51 Above ground hydrants, Nostalgic
    60X Universal couplings
  84/72-82 Above ground hydrants, NIRO
    265 AVK Dismantling joint
  35/72 Underground hydrant, model GOST

Supa Lock™

Supa Lock™ service connection system

Supa Lock™ push-in fittings

100/00 Supa Lock™ tapping saddle for PVC/PE

100/14 Supa Lock™ tapping saddle for iron/steel